Black Sky Project

A documentary to create and film Black Sky Project. The World's First near-space balloon solar rocket;
​Aims for the history books.

From being a young boy I have also had an interest in space. Though getting up there was an obvious problem. I remember going to the deputy principal of the primary school; I went to at Sherwood School in Browns Bay, Auckland, New Zealand and telling him that a neighbourhood friend and I were trying to make a spacecraft. It was funny we collected all these different old electronic parts and devices though it never eventuated to anything of real substance. I recall playing with bottle sky rockets and sometimes doing some very dangerous things. I also launched a water rocket across the street. The neighbours, I think, were worried about me. 

​Now I am a paranormal investigator, semi pro-photographer and graphic artist. I will be producing a documentary on a prototype weather balloon craft that I have designed and been working on since March of 2010.

My Paranormal video blog

Here is an old video explaining Black Sky Project(note some aspects have changed since then)

Here is a link to a youtube video I created as an Area51 Teaser

Be a part of this amazing quest to drive Black Sky Project further than other traditional near-space crafts have gone before. Offering a variety of perks.

Attend The Launch

Limited time offer to the first 30 people who purchase a perk of $25 or more will receive an EXCLUSIVE invitation to attend the launch of Black Sky Project! Date/time subject to weather conditions; travel and accommodations are the sole responsibility of the individual. Email contact needed for details. Promotion subject to raising or exceeding the momentary goal.
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